upside down

Mittwoch, 12. März 2014

|| denim skater skirt x zara | cut out boots x MaxShoes ||
pictures by M. Mistica

SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED - The beginning of spring time is always a good point to start with a detox treatment, workouts - to get the point: living a healthier lifestyle.
Thanks to the lack of my discipline (or in the end I have to blame my boyfriend) I've gained some weights during the last few months of winter.
Well nevertheless, he and I are going to start a new chapter together in the end of this week and I want to take this as a chance to quit smoking for all time (!!!).


Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

 || cutout boots x maxshoes | gypsy bag x piperscrossing | necklace x regalrose ||
photos by Michael Mistica

Ihr müsst entschuldigen; die kalten Temperaturen, meine kurzen (!) Haare und meine notorische Schläfrigkeit haben mich in letzter Zeit gezwungen mich vor regelmässigen Outfitposts zu drücken.
Und Phi ist ziemlich beschäftigt mit dem Studium.

Heute waren mein Freund und ich kurz in der Stadt um einige Home Interior Shops zu besuchen. Ich war ziemlich überwältigt von all den schönen Objekten. Am Liebsten hätte ich alles gekauft. ALLES!
Dafür möchte ich euch heute meine neue Tasche zeigen, welches ich auf etsy von piperscrossing bestellt habe. (Le boyfriend hatte mich ermutigt sie zu kaufen!)
Da passen die Wichtigsten Dinge hinein. Ahhhhh!

Embrace the darkness - EnVie fashion magazine

Montag, 3. Februar 2014

|| body x stylist's own | bracelets x stylist's own | tights x H&M | necklaces x vaystore | earrings x six ||
photography&edit: Joëlle Aseka Photography
Model: Alessandra @Fotogen
Styling: Anh Nguyen issue245
hairstyling: Susanna Zünd Pasztor All4beauty
Make up Artist: Anisha Stebler

After a long time of waiting our work has finally been published in this month's issue of the Envie fashion magazine.
Take a look here: Embrace the darkness x EnVie fashion magazine

I always feel blessed to work with creative and talented people who shares the same passion as I do: to express their perception in their own way. I really admire Joelle that she pursues her goals and dreams no matter what happens and I think the publishing of her pictures pays off all hers (also ours) time of hard working.
So never give up on your dreams, just dream on and keep working hard. In the end of the day you will get what you deserve.

Many thanks to the crew for making this happen!

|| blouse x paulkehl via Feldpausch | velvet skirt x H&M ||
|| earrings x H&M | necklace x stylist's own ||
|| hat x stylist's own | top x brandymelville | midi skirt x stylist's own | belt x H&M ||
|| peplum top x MaxMara via modissa | midi skirt x stylist's own | statement necklace x bershka ||
|| maxi dress x stylist's own | necklace x vaystore | bracelet x Hermes | headpiece x Zara ||

calling all gods

Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

|| jeans x dr denim | necklace x brandy melville | watch x Nixon ||
pictures by Michael Mistica

Hello to everybody out there!

what could be better than spending a lazy Sunday with the best man on earth? My boyfriend was lovely enough to take these pictures of me. I have to admit, that I'm satisfied with the result - do you guys also think I should hire my boyfriend as my personal photographer?!! Don't you?

It's still cold here in Switzerland and to lighten up my mood, I've already bought some dresses for the upcoming spring. Maybe the 'spring option' will be available in May, June ?!!
So don't blame on Phi and I - that we don't post regularly outfit posts...

So have a good start on this Monday!


Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

|| bag x Zara | Coat x Mango | Shirt x Atmosphere | Watch x Michael Kors ||
Photo: Phuong Le

Soo.. i just came back from Berlin 3 days ago. It was my first time there and I have to say I absolutely love this dynamic, multicultural city!
I've been to a lot of places and cities (especially in Germany) but never made it there somehow. So i was really excited when my friend and I booked the flight.
This city got me instantly fascinated. It's a place where fashion meets culture. If you are a fashion lover and shopping addict like me, you definitely have to go there (be sure to bring a big luggage!:)).

It is always great to travel and explore new things.. what's my next destination going to be? Maybe London or New York?

 - Phi

P.s I've been really busy with studying and working these past few months, so i neglected blogging a little bit..Sorry for that!:)